Get thee behind me, AI

My fellow inebriates,

As you know I’ve been playing around with AI.

Today I found this strange service from Microsoft Bing—a kind of visual cousin to ChatGPT.

When I asked it to create a “mangy-looking bear drinking wine,” this is what it came up with:

Four pictures of teddybears, ripped and shredded and covered with blood

OMG, right????

I was thinking it would produce something more heartwarming, like this picture of yours truly:

I tried again and got this:

Mangy bears drinking red wine

Seriously, Microsoft Bing, that is one creepy set of photos. You went WAY PAST mangy and somehow got to bloody. And clearly all those bears have been, like, operated on. OMG.

I gave it one more try. This time I specified that the bear should be drinking white wine, to establish whether this AI was giving me bloody bears or wine-soaked bears. (I can’t tell; can you?)

And I got this:

Content warning from Microsoft Bing

So, it was the word “white” that did it?

This seemed implausible, so I specified “rose wine.” No problem. Microsoft Bing produced this:

Mangy bears drinking rose wine - produced by Microsoft Bing

What about chardonnay?

Content warning again.

But viognier gets a pass:

They still look a bit bloody, so I’m guessing SOME of the stains in the red wine shots aren’t blood. But some are…?