White Wine

CLANCY’S LEGENDARY WHITE 2009 SEMILLON/SAUVIGNON. I don’t know how legendary it is, but this Peter Lehmann white blend is innocuous and fun. Almost a silly wine, but appropriate at times, especially if you’re serving it as a prelude to ouzo shots later. RECOMMEND.

HENKELL TROCKEN. I died a little inside one Thanksgiving when my mum poured this over a turkey. It’s not for that, people!!! It’s citrusy and dry with good acidity. RECOMMEND drinking it.

ST.HALLETT POACHER’S BLEND SEMILLON SAUVIGNON BLANC 2008. Grassy, lemony, slightly carbonated. Sweeter than expected with a faint urine aroma up front. RECOMMEND.

CAPISTRO. A misnomer if ever there was one. It takes a lot of this light white table wine to get properly “pis”sed. But it goes down easily enough, so RECOMMEND giving it a try.

NAKED GRAPE PINOT GRIS. Respectable, easy-drinking white wine. If you take this to a dinner party, no one will call you a dink. RECOMMEND.

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