Boo! The Radleys are awesome enough to make me forget about wine for a few…minutes

I got so absorbed in The Radleys that I almost forgot about the suffering my mother has inflicted on LBHQ. Dry weekdays are an evil idea, and as I watched her drinking ginless tonic water tonight, I felt very much like a Radley. No matter how many weeks we endure dry weekdays, the thirst will remain.

abstainer's handbook

Normally I wouldn’t get my paws on a book like The Radleys. The literary snobs here tend to give post-Stoker vampire fiction a wide berth, but this book is sublime…this book kicks the whole genre’s ass. Still, usually I avoid freaky stuff. As you may recall, there’s already a superfluity of paranormal shit at LBHQ. When you cohabit a place with characters like Fluffy, Scarybear, and Carnivorous Duck (who maintains he devoured Glen Bear)—you don’t need to sit under a blanket with a scary book and a flashlight under your chin. Every day is filled with terror already.

And dry weekdays are a part of it.


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2 responses to “Boo! The Radleys are awesome enough to make me forget about wine for a few…minutes”

  1. beerbecue says :

    There is not much sadder than a lonely glass of tonic bereft of its natural and historical companion: Gin.

    • liquorstorebear says :

      You’ve got that right!! And you’re right, the situation at LBHQ is all messed up. But tonight we fix all that with the pre-Mother’s Day Gin Shoot-Out. YEAH!!

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