Curating the new LBHQ…another must-have

Not only does the new LBHQ lack liquor cabinetry; it has bare walls, my fellow inebriates. We need art.

Nyan Pancake Cat by Dan Lacey. Compatible with altered states. But whence comes the rainbow?


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2 responses to “Curating the new LBHQ…another must-have”

  1. The Waiting says :

    You know my love of the Nyan Cat, so is it any surprise that I want that?

    • liquorstorebear says :

      You should totally have that! I don’t know if the artist has it on ebay (he just traded it back for something else, I’m not sure why). It looks huge! It would make an excellent piece for a home entrance. Don’t worry, if it goes on ebay I won’t drive the bidding up–I have my eye on something else 😉

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