Please be kind…

My Fellow Inebriates,

A short post for a hungover Monday…If you are considering cooking or baking with alcohol, please desist. Instead please transport said alcohol to Liquorstore Bear. You have to understand that when you throw wine into your risotto or flambé brandy on your dessert, the booze gets burned off. No booze, no buzz. Therefore a total waste.

Now you may be an excellent cook or baker and that’s fine. Just bear in mind that it cuts me to my very soul to hear about liquor being sacrificed for cuisine. You can’t get drunk eating tiramisu, so what’s the point?

So spare me the merlot-glazed rib-eye steak or whatever other cooking travesty you might be considering. I don’t even want to hear about rum balls (or any other kinds of balls). I am a small and sensitive bear who suffers from the DTs at the prospect of spilt drink. Please be kind and use booze for its intended purpose: getting wrecked.

What's your poison? Drop me a line.

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