Pssst! FINCA LOS PRIMOS TORRONTES (2011) is cheap and good

My Fellow Inebriates, It’s light, fruity, pleasantly refreshing with not one bad note. Cheap and delicious at $9.98 (that’s cheap here in Canada). For that price you should buy a case and get really loaded. This wine deserves a better review, and it will get one! (Or a least,  a longer one.) But not until […]

MICHEL TORNINO CUMA TORRONTES—Celebrating another Liebster

My Fellow Inebriates, I was lucky enough to get nominated for another Liebster Award yesterday by the Lords of the Drinks. It’s been a long time since I was included in one of these awesome award chains—probably because I’m usually too drunk to read a ton of blogs, which makes me a real douchebag as […]

CASTILLO DE ALMANSA RESERVA (2008)—When you’re looking for a deal

My Fellow Inebriates, When in doubt at the liquor store, buy one known and one unknown item. This gives you, if you happen to have a booze blog, something to review, as well as something reliable to get you ripped out of your head if the new item doesn’t work out. On Saturday we searched […]